Join the fight

Momentum is building ... join the fight for healthy air!

There are several things you can do to rid the world of unnecessary leafblowers. Education and outreach to friends and neighbors is a great place to start. Many people think of the fight to ban leafblowers as a trivial, privileged effort, but are often swayed when learning about the disastrous health, ecological, pollution, and nuisance concerns.

Leave the Leaves

The Xerces Society says it best ... "It may be habitual, a matter of social conditioning, or a holdover of outdated gardening practices from yesteryear—but for whatever reason, we just can’t seem to help ourselves from wanting to tidy up the garden at the end of the season—raking, mowing, and blowing away a bit of nature that is essential to the survival of moths, butterflies, snails, spiders, and dozens of arthropods. "

Local Political Action

Over 200 municipalities in the United States, and dozens of others internationally, have banned leafblowers. Often, starting with your local government is the best way to protect yourself and your community.

Newspaper Letters

Letters to the editor, TV news clips, and lobbying local apartment and business owners is a good place to start. Effective letters share several common themes, including hitting the four main topics: health, ecology, pollution, and hearing / nuisance. Here are two letters that are great examples.

Social Media

Posting the dangers on social media and using the #BanLeafBlowers hashtag helps. Several groups, including BanLeafBlowers on Facebook, regularly share updates, news, and organizing tips.

Several Change.Org petitions exist for local leafblower bans.