FAQs & Myths

  1. “Because gas leaf blowers are powerful they do the job quickly so they don’t pollute much.”
    The California Air Resources Board states that, for the best-selling commercial leaf blower, one hour of operation emits smog-forming pollution comparable to driving a 2016 Toyota Camry about 1100 miles, and that leaf blowers and other small engines will be the number one source of air pollution in California by 2020.

  2. “It’s no one’s business what I do on my private property.”
    If you live in a city, your property is surrounded by other properties. More and more people work from home. Children and retired people eat, sleep, play and relax in their homes. They are all impacted by the noise and pollution generated by leaf blowers. Studies show that one gas powered leaf blower can create unsafe levels of noise for a distance of up to 800 feet.

  3. “Courteous behavior on the part of lawn maintenance companies is the best solution.”
    Courteous behavior is always appreciated but the fine particulate matter and gas remains airborne even when work is paused temporarily.

  4. Any prohibition on the use of leaf blowers will put people out of work.”
    There is no evidence that using hand tools will put people out of work. In fact, the leafblower, gas, and other supplies add a considerable expense to the workers expenses compared to a rake. Additionally, no one should have to risk cancer, asthma, and hearing loss for a subjective lawn preference. People deserve work with dignity - not dangerous, harmful low wage jobs

  5. "You're harming lawn care companies and small business."
    Lawn care companies service neighborhoods; neighborhoods don't exist to serve lawn care companies. Those that provide the demand for this service are harming the operators by forcing them to inhale pollutants and damage their hearing. Stop using leafblowers; stop asking lawn crews to use them. Make sure they continue to make a living by paying the same amount. If moving dust and leaf bits around is essential to your happiness, then pay the price for this service and stop externalizing the harmful effects of cancer-causing machines onto your neighbors and the operators.

  6. "I can handle the noise / pollution / smell, so you should be able to, too."
    People sleep and work at all hours of the day. People work third shift. Babies nap in the day. School and work are done remotely, in the home. Just because you personally aren't affected doesn't mean that others aren't.